Joan Mele-McCarthy, D.A., CCCSLP, ASHA Fellow

It was such a pleasure working with Ray on The Summit School’s Board of Directors. As Executive Director of this non-profit independent school for bright students with learning differences, it is important for me to have volunteer board members who bring business acumen and deep, creative thinking and problem solving skills to the enterprise. These talents help me, as a school leader and visionary, make decisions that are sound yet innovative to continue our trajectory of excellence in education. Ray was that board member. He was a generative thinker and change agent, and a business planner. He knew when to support my ideas and when to question them. His questions were thought-provoking and often brought a new perspective to the conversation which positively influenced the decision-making process. He is a team player and always respectful of the opinions and ideas brought forward by me and fellow board members. He was willing to engage in difficult conversations in a balanced way that resulted in consensus building. His advice whrn ddifficult situations occurred was thoughful and pragmatic. He has a great sense of humor and was always a sincere supporter of our work, our successes, and our aspirations for growth and transformation to fulfill the needs of the 21st century learner. I learned from Ray, laughed with him, and thoroughly enjoyed working with him during his tenure on Summit’s board.

Is Franchise Ownership The Ultimate “Side-Hustle”?

The “Side Hustle” is a term we started hearing several years ago in conversations with Millennials and Gen Z’s. They were exploring franchising as a potential side hustle to gain more personal freedom and supplement their income from their full-time jobs. In the early...

Buy A Franchise Now?! Are You Crazy!?

We hear it every day... "I just don’t know about starting a franchise now! With the recession, gas prices, stock market instability, unemployment. I just don’t think now is the right time." Is Now The Right Time To Invest In A Franchise? We've been working with people...

Ravi Misquitta

Ray has an incredible ability to connect with people as he takes the time to genuinely understand what drives their entrepreneurial spirit. He has a sincere desire to help find the right business fit for his clients without being over the top. I highly value his...

Melvin Wong

Ray Fanning is a highly educated and informed resource on franchise opportunities. He spends the time to help formulate excellent opportunities by understanding and questioning one’s interests and objectives. Ray has shown a high-level of professionalism, patience,...

Cyrus Safavian

Ray is by far the most professional and resourceful consultant I’ve worked with. Ray is a definite authority in the franchise industry. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone investigating a franchise opportunity, knowing they would receive the most...

Mike Desiderio

Ray is an outstanding consultant in that he listens well and makes sound, experience-based recommendations that meet your specific need. I would work with Ray again, without hesitation.

Adam Helfman

“Franchises! If you even think about a franchise than it is imperative that you speak with Ray!. I have owned 2 franchises in the past. Ray helped me with his Informed Decision Process. Clearly, if your thinking about a franchise or anything related to franchises than...

Mason Copeland

“Ray is the best kind of leader. He has a great caring personality, integrity and a strong vision. He gives you the tools to achieve your goals and celebrates your achievements with you!

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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Franchise?

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