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Hate your boss?  Scared of layoffs and mergers?  Out of your mind because of brutal corporate politics? Tired of missing out on your kid’s lives because you’re stuck at work again…( in a dead end job)?

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In This Franchise Roadmap Video Series You’ll Learn:

SERIES 1: How To Hire … Your Best Boss

In this series, you'll learn the ABCs of what it takes to become a franchise owner.

  • Franchise Owners are Business Builders…Are You ?
  • How To Make A Great 1st Impression With A Franchisor
  • What Do You Really Want From Business Ownership?
  • Let's Talk About Your Franchise Ownership Strategy
  • Do You Have A Vision For Live, Work and Play?


In this series, you'll learn how to make an informed decision in your franchise exploration.

  • 4000 Franchises To Choose From...Where Do You Start?
  • 3 Layers Of Possibilities In Franchise Ownership
  • How We Match Opportunities To Your Strategy
  • Characteristics Of The Right Business For You
  • Should You Use Google To Research Franchises?
  • The Do's And Don'ts Of Your 1st Call With A Franchise Salesperson


In this series, you'll learn the Franchise Insider secrets to ensure you ask the right questions.

  • A Unique Form Of Due Diligence
  • Questions To Ask Franchisees To Find Out The Truth
  • Don't Call The Franchisee Next Door...YET
  • First: Target The Best Franchisees
  • Second: Target The New Franchisees
  • Third: Target Franchisees Like You


In this series, you'll learn the creative ways that you can fund your franchise investment.

  • What Do Franchises Cost?
  • The Four Quadrants Of Franchising
  • Understanding Your "Total Project Cost"
  • Finding Funds To Start A Business
  • How Do People Fund Franchises?
Meet The Franchise Insiders

Terry Coker

Terry Coker has been a franchise executive since 2004 and he has helped thousands of individuals and couples with a “Can-Do-Spirit” explore their dreams of franchise ownership.

Terry held exec management roles for 25 years in the radio advertising industry before transitioning into entrepreneurial start-ups and small business ownership. With the experience and perspective of both an executive and an entrepreneur, today Terry focuses on identifying the right fit between and individuals researching franchise ownership and franchise companies searching for leadership, management and marketing talent.

Ray Fanning

Ray Fanning, CFE, is an expert in the fields of Franchise Development, Franchise Operations and Franchise Training. His franchise experience includes serving as the president of a retail franchise (Microplay Interactive), vice president and director of franchise operations at a service franchise (Case Handyman Services) and as the chief operating officer of an international casual food franchise (Levante Restaurant Group).

Today as an Independent Consultant with FranChoice, Ray enthusiastically brings his thorough understanding of the franchise industry to help others find their best opportunity.

Not Sure If Franchise Ownership Is Right For You?

The truth is, Franchise Ownership is NOT for everyone. And, we’d like to help you make an informed decision…that’s why we created the Franchise Roadmap video series. Perhaps you can relate to the following scenarios:


Franchise Ownership IS For

  • You have the ABCs - ambition, business skills & capital to invest,
  • You're a frustrated executive who is burnt out on corporate politics and looking to make a change,
  • You’re an entrepreneur-minded person interested in building & running a business on your own terms,
  • You’re a professional - possibly with management experience - looking to increase your earning potential,
  • You are an investor who craves financial independence looking to generate additional income streams so you can control their own destiny
  • You’re concerned about the stock market and looking to diversify your investments,
  • You’d embrace the opportunity to pick the brain of a franchise insider.

Franchise Ownership Is NOT For

  • You are not currently in a position to invest your time, expertise or money into a franchise,
  • You are comfortable in your current job and don't see a need to change anything,
  • You prefer to take your orders from your boss and build someone else's business,
  • You are risk-adverse and not looking to increase your earning potential,
  • You are happy with your rate of return on your investments and don't want more,
  • You are not concerned with the stock market and don't want to diversify,
  • You don't want to tap into 30 years of franchise insider experience (no risk)


Will you take the time to get to know me and my needs? 

Ours is a relationship based business and industry, and we take pride in making sure everything we do is focused around you. Our goal is to find the very best fit for your needs and wants, which starts with a Question and Answer call.

There are thousands of franchise companies in the marketplace and more are being added every day. Sorting through this huge collection of franchise opportunities can be time consuming and confusing. You could spend months looking in general at franchises and you’d still find that most, if not all, just don’t match with what you really want in a business. Or worse yet, you may think you know what you
really want in terms of business ownership, but because you’ve never done anything like this, you have not factored in the most important considerations.

Learning how to conduct the right kind of investigation is absolutely vital to ensuring you make the best decision for your personal circumstances. We engage in a comprehensive process designed to cut through the clutter and help you find the business that you believe meets your ownership goals.

As we spend time getting to know you, we’ll gather some basic information about your career experiences as well as your goals and desires for franchise ownership. Next we will
send you a link to a Confidential Questionnaire, where you will provide additional information regarding your background, experience, goals and desired level of financial investment. Once we review your questionnaire, we’ll schedule an in depth personal consultation!

How do you find the best franchise?

“What’s the best franchise for me?” We get asked that all the time and it’s a perfectly logical question. The answer is, “it depends”. It depends on what you like to do and what you’re good at. It also depends on how much capital you have to invest and how you evaluate risk. It depends on understanding all the factors that go into making a good decision – from your perspective, not ours. Most importantly, it depends on what goals you are trying to achieve through business ownership. Our consultants will help you determine how to find the best franchise using our unique process that is focused 100% on YOU.

Trying to figure out how to find the best franchise that fits your needs can be very confusing and extremely frustrating. There are thousands of franchise opportunities but it’s almost impossible to tell the good from the bad on the surface. Rather than try to navigate these waters alone, many people find value in our FREE consulting services. As part of our service, we will connect you with potential
franchises of interest, assist you through the franchise search process, place a strong focus on your goals and the role you will play in the business, identify resources that can help answer your questions, use everything we learn about you to make the best possible franchise match, make sure  you factor in things you may not ever have considered and work with you as you investigate the franchise opportunities until you are comfortable making a decision

This highly personalized approach ensures that you will look at franchises that potentially meet your expressed needs and desires for business ownership. In many instances the perfect business for you may be something you would never have thought of, yet it is a perfect match to the characteristics you desire.

Will you help me with due diligence?

Once we have completed your consultation and created a personal franchise strategy, the selection and introductions of franchise companies begins your due diligence process!

We will use the characteristics listed in your personalized strategy to compare with our comprehensive collection of franchises to see which franchise opportunities best fit your strategy. We conduct a thorough search factoring in many things, including, your desired franchise characteristics (hours, employees, sales, etc.), territory availability, investment level and the culture and personality match
between you and the franchisor. 

We will introduce you to these opportunities and then we will utilize our expertise and experience to guide you in your investigations. We will be by your side coaching you and making sure you are getting the information you need in order to make the best decision for you.

This process has been successful in matching entrepreneurs like you with the perfect franchise business because it is a win-win situation. You avoid the confusion of researching an overwhelming number franchise opportunities. Using this informed decision process, you can concentrate exclusively
on those franchise opportunities that have been personally selected by us for you. You can take comfort that these will be high quality franchise businesses that match your requirements. Franchise companies love working with us because they find that the franchisee candidates referred by us are enthusiastic, motivated and well-informed about the franchise business requirements, and they’re ready to conduct a thorough investigation.

We can't do your research for you. Only you can conduct a through and comprehensive investigation of franchise opportunities to determine if one is right for you. You can be confident that following our informed decision process will help you make the best possible decision as you pursue your dream of business ownership.

What does it cost to work with you?

You pay nothing for the services we offer. There is no obligation or cost to you for our franchise consulting services or for the information about franchise opportunities we offer. Our organization is paid fees by the franchise companies, who respect the processes we follow and who recognize the
high quality and fit of the prospective franchise owners we refer to them. You pay exactly the same franchise fees with any franchise business, whether you work with a franchise consultant or not. We are able to provide a win-win scenario for you as the franchisee candidate, and for the franchisors as well.

We have been successful in matching entrepreneurs like you with the franchise business of their dreams, because it truly is a win-win situation. You avoid the confusion of researching the overwhelming myriad franchise opportunities and can concentrate on those that have been selected by us as your consultants, as franchise businesses potentially matching your requirements. Franchise companies love working with us because they find that franchisee candidates we refer are enthusiastic, motivated and well-informed about the franchise business requirements. When you work with us there is cost, no obligation… and no catch !


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