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Looking for a Franchise Opportunity; Where do you start and how much does it cost?

With Over 4,000 franchise opportunities in the US Market, the real question is… “How do you go from 4,000 opportunities to the “1 Right Franchise” that will allow you to Finally Live Life On Your Own Terms?

The Insiders in our Community have Answered That Question for THOUSANDS of People Just Like You, For Over 20 Years… in All Kinds of Economic Cycles.

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What If You Had Invested In These Franchise Opportunities In Their Growth Phase?

McDonalds, Orange Theory Fitness and Chick-fil-a have become well-known brands to American households and changed the lives of thousands of franchisees by giving people with ambition, business skills and capital to invest a path to their dreams.

Take a moment to think about how your life be different today, if you had invested in one of these franchise opportunities and been successful.

Would your life be different today if you owned 20 McDonalds?

What could you do with (and for) your family if you owned a dozen Orange Theory franchises?

Picture your perfect day if you weren’t sitting in the drive-up lane at Chick-fil-a, but you owned a Chick-fil-a business. Would your day be different than your average day is right now?

We help people realize their dreams. Don’t think “What if”…
Think “Why Not Me”.
Talk with us about your ambitions, your business skills and your capital to invest and your Dreams. You might just find the next break-out franchise brand…

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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Franchise?

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Can I Afford Franchise Ownership?

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Since 1994 we have coached, guided and mentored thousands of people who want to understand, explore and investigate franchise ownership.

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The Franchise Insiders Ray And Terry

Ray Fanning, CFE, is an expert in the fields of Franchise Development, Franchise Operations and Franchise Training. His franchise experience includes serving as the president of a retail franchise (Microplay Interactive), vice president and director of franchise operations at a service franchise (Case Handyman Services) and as the chief operating officer of an international casual food franchise (Levante Restaurant Group).

Today as an Independent Consultant with FranChoice, Ray enthusiastically brings his thorough understanding of the franchise industry to help others find their best opportunity.

Terry Coker has been a franchise executive since 2004 and he has helped thousands of individuals and couples with a “Can-Do-Spirit” explore their dreams of franchise ownership.

Terry held exec management roles for 25 years in the radio advertising industry before transitioning into entrepreneurial start-ups and small business ownership. With the experience and perspective of both an executive and an entrepreneur, today Terry focuses on identifying the right fit between and individuals researching franchise ownership and franchise companies searching for leadership, management and marketing talent.


What Our Candidates Say

Mark Mazur
Mark Mazur
The most important thing anyone can do who is going through this process of discovery, of resetting their life, of trying to start their own business, is to work with Terry Coker. I absolutely recommend Terry Coker.
Anita Ortega
Anita Ortega
CEO & Founder

Ray is the ultimate professional. He identifies franchises that fit the lifestyle and needs of his clients. As a new franchisee, he held my hand throughout the entire process. If you are in search of a franchise, consider Ray Fanning.

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