Hans S.

“Terry Helped Me Change My Life for the Better

“I am a sales manager of a small engineering company and right now I plan to do that indefinitely to support my family, but a desire to build financial independence prompted me to investigate franchises. I was talking to a former co-worker about my goal and she recommended Terry Coker, a franchise coach she knew. I didn’t realize how fortunate I was until I talked to others who know Terry. Everyone I’ve talked to has highly recommended him. They say there are a lot of people who do what Terry does, but that he’s really good at it.

Terry and I had an introductory call and he asked a lot about me and he told me a little about himself and his process. We decided to work together and Terry began to build a profile through assessments, questionnaires, quizzes, and conversations about my experience, my family, my financial situation, my objectives, my interests, my goals, and what I wanted my life to be like. It was all encompassing. From that he came up with a profile that he used to match me up with potential franchise opportunities. FranChoice has vetted companies and put together a short list of the best franchisees out there in terms of support, training, financial opportunities, and other data points. Terry matched me up with about five franchise opportunities within three sectors, home improvement, fitness and restoration and I began to systematically check them out. All along the way, Terry coached me, provided me with information, and answered my questions. He was always available and helpful.

I decided on a yoga studio with the YogaSix franchise, that’s the one I really felt good about. We are an active family, I used to do yoga years ago, my wife currently does yoga and both of us and our four children enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities, like camping, biking, hiking, and skiing. My wife and I went to discovery day and from the start, we felt this franchisor was excellent. They were organized, experienced and have great systems. Their people were very qualified and passionate about what they do. Visiting them instilled confidence in us. We could see we were choosing a good partner to work with, especially when the coronavirus pandemic intensified and we could see how much they were doing to help their franchisees weather that storm.

So we signed the agreement and are opening a YogaSix franchise! We are now working with a realtor they suggested who understands the boutique fitness concept, an architect who understands the unique technology required for heated yoga, and an attorney who will negotiate the lease, all of whom were vetted by the franchisor, which makes it so much easier for us and accelerates the timeline to open. Yoga Six offers training at their headquarters which covers all aspects of the business but because of the pandemic, they have shifted to live, online training, which compliments the extensive, self-paced online learning they already had in place.

This concept is built in such a way that we can be involved as much or as little as we like, and that is important to us. My wife and I want a different lifestyle, one that is built around an area we’re passionate about – health and fitness – and one that will provide financial independence. If this goes well, we may open additional shops. This will provide us with financial flexibility so I can spend more time with my family doing the outdoor activities we all enjoy. This is going to be fun! And I have Terry to thank for being such an excellent coach through all of this and informing me well in every aspect of this process so I could make a good decision.

I guess I am a little spoiled in that I lucked out working with someone who does this very well. It was always about me, never about Terry making a sale. Terry was my coach, my mentor, and he always looked out for my best interest. And Terry has a really good sense of humor. Yes, we went through a great deal of material, but he also kept it light and that added an element of fun. We didn’t take ourselves too seriously and yet at the same time, Terry is very professional.

I spoke with so many other people who have worked with Terry in some capacity, other franchisees, the franchisor, people we met at discovery day, service providers, they all spoke so highly of him. It was reaffirming. High integrity is how I describe Terry. It will be my pleasure to recommend him to others who also want to change their lives for the better.”

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