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The Fine Print: The videos on this page include information on the commonly asked questions we’ve received over 3 decades of consulting executives, business owners and investors so that you can make an informed decision and “Hire Your Best Boss”


The Do’s & Dont’s On Discovery Day

Don’t Call The Baby Ugly
Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Business Owner?
Finding The Right People To Help
Investigating A New Franchise And What To Expect
Do You Always Recommend A Franchise?
Are You An Employer Or An Employee?
Business Builder Profile With Terry Coker
Business Builder Profile With Ray Fanning
Your First Call With a Franchisor
Your First Call With a Franchisee
When Do I Get to Talk to the Current Franchisees?
Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership
Doing Your Research & Building A Good Rapport
College Education vs. Real-World Experience
Avoiding Distractions & Staying On Track
The Difference Between A Franchise Sales & Recruiting Organization
Exploring Franchise Options
How Many Franchise Options Should I Examine?
A Strategy to Help Find a Franchise That’s Right For You
How Much Money Do I Need To Buy A Franchise?
Why Is NOW The Right Time To Purchase A Franchise?
Is Buying A Resale Franchise A Good Decision?
Seeking A New Job vs. Becoming A Business Owner
I Hate My Job! Should I Become A Business Owner?
Seeking A New Job vs. Becoming A Business Owner
What Can A Franchise Consultant Do For Me?
Is It Time To Consider Diversification?
Why We Don’t Just Hand You A List Of Franchises
The Frustrated Employee & Why Franchise Ownership Might Be Right For You
Helping You Evaluate Your Options
Why The Best Franchise May Not Be Best For You
Making An Informed Decision
The Importance Of Having A Franchise Support System

How Long Will It Take To Break Even After Purchasing A Franchise?

What Is The Upfront Investment & How Much Money Will I Make?
How Much Does It Cost To Get Into A Franchise?
How Many Franchises Are There To Choose From?
Do You Want To Work For Yourself Or Someone Else?
Should I Consider A Covid Job?
How Much Working Capital Do I Need?
Why Franchises Fail
Learning From The Experience Of Other Franchisees
What Is The Hottest New Franchise?
The Importance Of A Proven System
Knowing When The Right Time Is To Buy A Franchise?

What Does It Take To Be A Successful Franchise Owner?

What Is The FDD and What Do I Do With It?
What Happens After I Sign And Become A Franchisee?
I’m Not Sure I Can Make A Decision – What Should I Do?
How Do I Get My Questions In The Mail Bag?

Trading Time For Money

Who Should Help Me Make My Business Decision?