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Unraveling the Mysteries of Buying a Franchise (The Top FAQs Over The Past 20 Years In 40 Minutes)

with ray & terry
(The Franchise Insiders)

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What Can You Expect?

As Franchise Insiders, Terry & Ray have fielded a LOT of questions over the years from candidates that have expressed an interest in owning a Franchise … but don’t know if it’s right for them.

We’ve compiled the TOP frequently asked questions they’ve received … and will answer them LIVE on this call.  Here’s a sample of the questions they will tackle:

  • [QUESTION] Is franchise ownership risky?
      • [FEAR] I don’t want to gamble with my life savings
  • [QUESTION] How will owning a franchise impact my lifestyle and family?
      • [FEAR] And how do I talk to my wife/husband about this?
  • [QUESTION] What does it cost to own and operate a franchise?
      • [FEAR] Can I realistically afford this?
  • [QUESTION] Can I own a franchise while still working a job?  
      • [FEAR] I don’t want to be working 100 hours per week!
  • [QUESTION] What can I do to ensure my franchise is successful?
      • [FEAR] How much support will I receive before, during and after?  
      • [FEAR] How do I obtain customers?
      • [FEAR] How do I hire employees that want to work in the business?
  • And more!!!!



Whether you are just starting to explore franchise ownership or you are an experienced investor looking to stay up on the latest trends and opportunities in the franchise industry … you are not going to want to miss this opportunity.

Terry Coker & Ray Fanning (The Franchise Insiders) are transforming their popular video series (Franchise Feedback with Terry & Ray) by going LIVE to help you discover the hidden gems in the franchise investment world!

So, grab your coffee and pull up a “virtual” seat to the table. This is your opportunity “pick the brains” of two Franchise Insiders with over 50 years of combined experience and 100s of success stories! 

If you are considering franchise ownership (or want to expand your existing franchise investment portfolio), it will be the best hour you’ll spend this month so you can live life on your terms!