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From Job Loss to
Business Boss:
The Power of Upskilling

with ray & terry
(The Franchise Insiders)

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What Can You Expect?

In today’s rapidly changing job market, job loss can be a turning point for personal and professional growth. This event is designed to show you how upskilling can not only enhance your employability but also empower you to become a successful entrepreneur.

They’ll explore the transformative potential of acquiring new skills, whether you’re looking to re-enter the job market with confidence or embark on an exciting journey towards owning your own business.

Terry & Ray bring 25+ years of experience as career coaches, franchise consultants and successful entrepreneurs to share their insights on how upskilling can open doors to new opportunities.

You’ll gain valuable tips on identifying the right skills to acquire, finding the best resources for upskilling, and leveraging your newfound expertise to thrive in a competitive job market or launch your own venture.


Whether you are just starting to explore franchise ownership or you are an experienced investor looking to stay up on the latest trends and opportunities in the franchise industry … you are not going to want to miss this opportunity.

Terry Coker & Ray Fanning (The Franchise Insiders) are transforming their popular video series (Franchise Feedback with Terry & Ray) by going LIVE to help you discover the hidden gems in the franchise investment world!

So, grab your coffee and pull up a “virtual” seat to the table. This is your opportunity “pick the brains” of two Franchise Insiders with over 50 years of combined experience and 100s of success stories! 

If you are considering franchise ownership (or want to expand your existing franchise investment portfolio), it will be the best hour you’ll spend this month so you can live life on your terms!